Revamped Barstools

Once upon a time, we had gray metal barstools with black cushions. They were fine - safe and neutral - but I needed some pizzazz!

So, out to the deck for a fresh coat of copper spray paint they went!

I had some green fabric which I thought would provide a nice pop with the copper....

and the spare stool got a burst of turquoise

but I just didn't love them.

I decided to try something new for me - white paint!

So, back out to the deck they went.

On an impulse I grabbed a dress on clearance at Ross, loving the color and pattern. I used the front panel for one stool, the back for the other.

The fabric isn't extremely durable and won't last forever, but it was an extremely bargain-friendly solution, and I love the look! They provide just enough visual interest and give a crisp, clean accent next to the off-white island cabinets. Success! :)


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