okay, so my friend julie asked for more thrift finds along with details about which thrift stores i frequent. coming right up!

(i'm sorry that some of this won't be so exciting for those of you who aren't local!)

in yesterday's post i shared a few of my recent thrifting treasures. i mentioned local goodwill and salvation army stores.

the salvation army store at valencia and 26th streets in the mission is huge, and awesome. i try to stop by at least once a month. their inventory turns over quite a bit (except for the larger furniture, which as i mentioned before, is unfortunately very overpriced). all the salvation army finds featured yesterday are from this location.

here's a beautiful bowl i found at this same salvation army. at half-price it was about $3. the colors are stunning and i use this for all kinds of things, all over the house.

i also loooooove clothes shopping at this location, but we'll save that for another day!

i'm pretty sure this lamp is from the salvation army in south san francisco. i've only been to this location once and i was very impressed. it's extremely clean and neat, especially compared to the stores in the city. last november, my sister and i decided that instead of traditional black friday shopping we would try some thrift shopping. of course, they were running great sales of their own and we found some really great stuff! i can't remember how much i paid for this, but i'm sure it wasn't more than $8...maybe closer to $6. it didn't come with a lampshade - that i picked up at lowe's. the black works really well to cancel out any 'grandma' feel the flowery lamp might have.

i love this brass umbrella stand! i had been looking for an umbrella stand for quite awhile, and am glad i held out. i think this is really beautiful in our new green and black hall! i found it recently at thrift town, also in the mission. this place can also be overpriced but there absolutely are deals to be had. this was $6 - a steal in my book!

the goodwill i referred to yesterday - where these candlesticks came from - is right in my neighborhood, at 3rd and evans streets. out of convenience i stop here fairly often, for both clothes and housewares. their inventory doesn't change as frequently as some of the bigger stores, but i rarely leave empty-handed. these beauties are a great example of the treasures to be found!

so there you have it! just a few of my favorite thrift stores. this weekend, go explore a thrift store near you and let me know what you find!

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