thrifting is the best. i love it, and have to be careful or i can quickly succumb to its addictive powers. today i'd love to share some of my fabulous recent finds with you...

otomi painting!! seriously guys - i waited and waited to go to mexico to get my hands on some genuine otomi art, and then look what i find at my neighborhood salvation army! oh happy day. sometimes i have to take deep breaths and concentrate on remaining calm, thinking that if my reaction is too noticeable someone will discover my treasure and somehow challenge me for it. :) this of course only works when i'm alone - there's no hope of containing my excitement if someone is with me. i promise this only happens when my find is truly too good to be true - and this really was.

side note: i find that many items at our local salvation army stores are quite overpriced. the good news is that they *very* often run sales, which is typically the only way i'll shop there. for example, this painting was priced at $20 but was half off.

awesome rattan stool. so great, right? very classic. and versatile - i'm sure it will spend plenty of time out on our deck! i'm thinking of painting it glossy black. i might be slightly obsessed with glossy black at the moment (more on that another day!). found at same neighborhood salvation army, $6 i believe. the adorable cushion was found at the alemany flea market. (thanks mom! who bought it for me :))
these beauties i picked up at goodwill. oh how i love them. they've renewed my love for candlesticks. they are surprisingly versatile - bring sort of a retro tropical vibe to any room/vignette around the house. i have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of them (because i adore them, and also just in case you're not convinced you love them yet...i'm determined to change your mind - watch out!).

and....we're back to salvation army. i had been on the lookout for some time for a second sofa end table. for a long time, i had been using a too-short table, and wanted one the same height as my beloved moroccan table (also from alemany flea market!)...

at first i was a little bit concerned that the white wouldn't be visually strong enough to balance out the dark wood of the moroccan one, but it actually works fine once the bottom shelf is filled with books, etc.. in the photo above you can't really see that it has a glass top - here's another view:

i really love the pattern around the top. i must admit that i broke my own rule with this one and paid full price! i think it was around $30. but it's a very solid table that should last a long time. :)

writing this post is making me realize just how many great finds i have like this around the house - from thrift stores, craigslist, flea market, etc.. do you like hearing about these types of deals and seeing how i've used them in my home? i'm happy to share more! :)


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