outdoor room inspiration

happy friday! what are you up to this weekend? this amazingly warm weather we've been having (it's supposed to be 70 today! it's early march!!) has me dreaming once again of a beautifully decorated deck.
here are some images that inspire me, in different ways....

sig bergamin, as we established earlier this week, is genius

also sig, i believe

ya'll know i will never tire of suzani or otomi....loooooooove this!

a little modern for me, but the cool multiple fire pots and umbrella make it cozy.

moroccan gets me every time
oh, wouldn't i love some kind of indoor/outdoor space like this. and those elephants!

beautiful porch

hope your weekend is half as cozy as these spaces!


Michelle March 28, 2012 at 8:20 PM  

I have been dreaming of an outdoor space as well! These are all so beautiful! I can imagine countless hours outside with a cocktail and a book!

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