White Paint or Colored Walls?

There was a day when I never thought I would say this, but I'm pretty sure I'm going for some white walls in not one, but (at least!) two rooms in our house! I'm pretty excited about it too. :)

In my early days of experimenting with color and design, I went a little crazy and painted every room in our apartment a different color. Case in point:

There are so many things I could pick apart in the above photos, but instead I'm going to be grateful for what I've learned over the past few years and keep moving forward. :) ...

Don't get me wrong - I still LOVE color. But our current house has a very bright, airy feel, and I want to continue cultivating this feel. Interiors with a California feel have been resonating with me more and more over the last couple of years (probably something to do with the fact that I live in California! :)), and this is definitely influencing my style. I notice myself being drawn more and more towards a more neutral base - specifically white walls - with pops of color, and especially as I think about what seems most appropriate for our home.

The crown molding and baseboards are painted a dingy tan color all throughout our house. In looking at many photos with examples of contrasting trim colors, I'm strongly leaning towards painting both the walls and trim white in our living room and bedroom, rather than using a contrasting trim color. Both rooms are painted various shades of cream (this is how they were when we moved in).

Here are some inspiration photos I'm drawn to at the moment:

Schuyler Samperton - love the pops of pink!!

Sheryl Crow's home as recently featured in Architectural Digest

Samperton again

Can't remember the source here - sorry!

Notice the walls and molding painted white in the photo immediately above. In all of the above photos, there are elements I'm drawn to more than others - I'm not saying that any of them have everything I'm looking for. But they all have white walls which provides a nice backdrop for the foreground to pop - whether you want that to be color, textures, accessories, shapes, etc

Again - don't think I'm losing my love for walls fabulously saturated in color! There are definitely some areas in our home where I'm planning on painted walls - a little nook at the end of the hallway has been calling out for a deep turquoise for awhile, and it would be fun to do an adventurous color in a bathroom. Also, it really comes down to the home itself and what is right in any given space. In our home, I believe this will be the best choice!

What do you think? White walls? A different neutral (cream, tan)? Gotta have color?


Grammy Pammy March 27, 2011 at 12:49 PM  

Browsing through your blog and found the article on white walls. I'm with you...I LOVE the white room with the big pops of pink! I'd absolutely have to do something like that, if I was going to do white walls at all (which I doubt I ever will). It's a look I admire, but it's not very grandkid-friendly :D I think your purple room would look cool with white walls and purple accents, IMHO. Blessings from Madison where THE SUN IS OUT TODAY (take a picture, quick!).

Ellie P. April 21, 2011 at 5:32 PM  

ooops - Jay was logged in :)

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