Chalkboard Paint!

I could very easily get carried away with chalkboard paint projects - something inside of me wants to be able to scribble and draw on the walls and every other surface I see! But I'm starting small, with a section of my kitchen wall. First, some inspiration.

Don't you just love this? So simple and practical. I'm definitely considering for our fridge, since it's stainless steel and can't be decorated with magnets and such. And who doesn't love a good list?

Wouldn't I love an entire wall to fill with chalk doodlings! There's certainly enough light in our place that a large, dark wall could work, but I just don't have the right wall for it, with enough access for writing/drawing. But I love to see how it's being used here.

Super cute in a child's room. I'm pretty sure every kid needs one. :)

I can't remember where I came across this one, but am loving the pink with the scrolls and such - so inspiring!

The wall in our house that's best suited for a chalkboard also has a light switch in the middle of it, so I needed only the frame itself, without any backing. I set out to find an old frame to add a bit of age/character to our newly-remodeled space. A trip to the Alemany Flea Market with my mom and sister resulted in just the thing, and for $3 it was beyond a bargain! Since it was a few inches wider than the space allowed, it had to be trimmed down. I knew it was a bit risky but definitely worth the risk for that price! After some sawing and sanding (and sanding, and sanding...) I'm really happy with the result! (p.s. I'm not sure this was the best way to go about customizing the frame, so feel free to comment/contact me for more details if you're interested.)

one edge trimmed

I then measured the frame and taped off the section of the wall to the same measurements.

and the rest was a simple painting job!

Finished just in time for a birthday party for a friend visiting from London - the perfect occasion for breaking in the chalk! I'm really looking forward to using it for all kinds of quotes, messages, lists... the possibilities are endless! :)

It will look even better once the rest of the wall is painted another color, since the gold needs more contrast than the yellow wall provides, but I'm happy with it for now... and having SO much fun drawing and doodling on the WALL!


Tabitha April 16, 2010 at 9:50 AM  

You are putting so many great ideas in my head Katie! I never really thought about putting in a pot rack. I have so little cabinet space in my home and I think a pot rack would be so helpful. I wouldn't put it overhead but thought about putting it against the wall.

I've also always loved the chalkboard paint idea. I've seen it on some shows and in magazines and I would love to do a wall like that too. I don't think I can really paint in my apartment but a small square like you did would not be too hard to paint over when I move.

Thanks for the great ideas!! Love them!

Lilac Barries April 19, 2010 at 6:40 PM  

So much fun! I've always love the chalkboard paint idea myself and cant wait to see your results in person and possibly doodle on it!

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